Difference between UI & UX

There are many people who are confused between what UI is and what UX is.

What is UI?

UI is known as User Interface and basically we can say that UI is all about look and feel visually.

UI is combination of layouts with different screens/pages and visual appearance with conceptual design which you have creates for your client.

UI design it is not about only look and feel but you have to research for design with customer analysis including customer’s branding & target audience with visual development including storytelling guide.

There are some principles which we have to follow at the time of design are below:

  1. Typography
  2. Sketch
  3. Choice of colour combination
  4. Conceptual layout
  5. Consistency (spacing between sections and titles/sub titles and paragraphs)

What is UX?

UX is known as User Experience and basically we can say that UX is all about customer satisfaction.

UX is combination of analysis, prototype & execution. UX needs research, analysis and plan with the base line to execution.

There are also some principles which we have to follow:

  1. Strategy
    1. Target audience
    2. Client requirement analysis
    3. Client’s competitor analysis
    4. Development of contents
  2. Wireframe of pages/screens & Prototype
  3. Sitemap with detailing
  4. Development planning
  5. Testing
  6. Execution with analytics
    1. Always coordinate with UI Designers
    2. Integration with goal tracking


The conclusion is UI is all about visually present customer’s product with process guide including brand’s strength & UX is all about user satisfaction with process development with improve product usage of testing of prototype.